The Haitises National Park

  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park
  • Los Haitises National Park

When you want to know a true natural paradise, look no further and come to Los Haitises National Park.

This unique ecosystem encompasses more than 3,600 kilometers of tropical rainforest, with mangroves and lonely beaches interspersed on its coastline. The Haitises is home to more than 100 species of birds, including the rare black-eagle. The coastline is full of caves where local Taíno Indians lived who decorated them with pictographs and paintings that can still be seen today.

Discover also the mangroves that adorn the natural beauty of this tropical paradise, forming an incredible and magical landscape.

To genuinely connect with the history, culture and natural beauty of the Dominican Republic, join us on this unique adventure to Los Haitises National Park.

Places to visit:

  • Three (2) Caverns
  • Mangrove and Wet Forest
  • Cayo de Los Pájaros
  • Old Pier
  • Round Mountain
  • Paraiso Caño Hondo
  • Typical House the Conuco of Doña Ana

What does this excursion to Los Haitises National Park include:

Official Tourism Guide.


Lunch. Menu: Rice, Beans, Beef, Chicken Meat, Pasta, Vegetables, Bread, Salads, Coffee, Fruits, Rum, Water and Cola

National drinks (Run, Cola and Water).

Land and Sea Transportation.

Accident insurance included.

Accident insurance (Travel Assistance), included when hiring your trip covers you from accidents in any of our excursions in Punta Cana (with the exception of DIVING for which we have a separate insurance).

Some recommendations for this excursion to Los Haitises National Park:

Tennis or sandals.


  • Pregnant women, regardless of gestation time.


Enjoy a great Ecological Adventure in the Dominican Republic, through the Coastal Plain of the East-Northeast region.
Starting from their hotels in modern and comfortable buses, along the Coral Highway, we arrive at the cedar before Miches, a small fishing village to have a light breakfast and visit a peasant house.


We continue our journey until we reach Caño Hondo (town of Sabana de la Mar), where we board the boat to the Park.
Los Haitises National Park, is one of the 4 most important Classic Parks in the World, with a rich fauna and lush flora, with endemic species of the Zone.


Once in the Park, we visit three (2) Caverns, which have Petroglyphs and Carvings on the walls of Roca. There you can appreciate the art left by the Tainos, know their history, in addition to seeing the species of Birds and Mammals that inhabit these Caverns. We will also visit several Mogotes or Atolls scattered in the Sea that surrounds the north of the Park, inhabited by dozens of Bird species.


After the Park tour, we will go by boat to the Dock, until we reach Paraíso Caño hondo, where we will taste a typical Dominican Buffet lunch and take a dip in the natural freshwater pool.


After lunch, we take the bus and go to Round Mountain, which we will climb to its top in Safari Truck; This has a special location, being in the middle of two large lagoons (Laguna Limón & Laguna Redonda), to the east is the Atlantic Ocean and to the west the Cordillera Oriental.
Located between these points of interest, Montana Redonda gives us the most spectacular panoramic view of the Dominican Republic. With a gentle breeze on its summit, we can appreciate the beautiful landscape that surrounds it from both Lagunas, La Bahía and Samana Peninsula, The Atlantic Ocean, and much of the Eastern Cordillera. From there you can take unique photos and feel as tall as if we were reaching the clouds. There we will also enjoy a snack.


Then we start the descent until we reach the Bus, to leave for your Hotels.

Price: $130

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